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Inside Zone Run Game Easy Way To Teach and Be Successful

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I've always been a fan of the Inside Zone Run Scheme. Now I may not run it like a true inside zone is supposed to be run, but the way I taught it to my teams generated success. First thing that needs to be done is to simplify it to make it as easy to understand as possible. The less thinking your players have to do the better. It starts with double teams, and where they are based on the alignment of the defensive front. We have them recognize an even or odd front. I walk them through their blocking assignments on each play based on the direction. Then we discuss the combo block and how it should be carried out. We have an EDD (everyday drill) regarding the combo block that the O-line work on for 5-10 minutes every practice. But essentially they are combo blocking and carrying that combo to the nearest play side LB, and based on which way that LB breaks will determine which linemen disengages from the initial block to engage the LB. We leave the backside DE unblocked but we do not read him. We do take notice to whether he breaks hard down the line after the RB, and if he does we tag the QB keeper off of it. The biggest adjustment I made to this scheme is to the play side Tackle. Instead of having him reach block to get to the DE we have him now go into pass pro on the DE staying in front of the DE and taking him anywhere he wants to go. The main rule however is we do not want that DE flashing in front of the Tackle's face and him getting beat inside. With the Tackle pass setting the DE the inside zone has really popped for us through the B Gap when typically we try and hit this run through the A gaps reading the block off the Center. I explain this in the video I provide.

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