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The Playbook has Evolved

Updated: May 23, 2023

If you have watched Whstle content, you know we have always been on a mission to help all coaches on their journey. While videos and articles are nice, we wanted to change the game for offensive coordinators... so we did!

We created playrbook, the first ever interactive playbook, made for the true end user, the player. After you input your playbook, you players play it on their mobile phones! How cool is that?

  1. Input your playbook into the app (complete with pre-snap keys and post-snap decisions)

  2. Quarterback will get to play your custom playbook on their own phones, through our awesome mobile app game

  3. You both can see reports and analytics regarding their performance

    • understand which plays vs which defense needs attention!

We are looking for play callers to join our Early Access program that starts soon. If you want to train your QBs mental game, this is a chance to jump lightyears ahead of the competition.

Let me know you are an innovator and check out playrbook here!

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