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Going Back To The Basics

Many of us are in preparation mode for spring football and eventually getting into the dog days of summer practices in the heat. I know this because I am in that mode now, Spring ball officially started and with each passing week the fall season is that much closer. I thought I'd create a series of videos explaining some of the in's and out's of the Air Raid offense through my perspective.

This is a series based off how I would teach certain concepts, or what I have used in practice and what has been successful for my teams, and me as a coach but more importantly a teacher. This series is entitled "Back To The Basics", and the purpose is to provide content that can help a coach that is thinking about using the Air Raid offense. It is meant to give the basics (hence the name) to get a coach started, and from there implement what they want to be successful.

I am trying to provide a starting point for any coach on any level who is unsure about how to teach the air raid or even where to start. I was once in your position, but I did my research and learned from a bunch of great coaches and have found success. So I would like to give back so I hope you enjoy this series as it is a work in progress. If you enjoy it please share it with other coaches who may find it useful.

This is the 1st episode of many

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