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Corner/Spot Breakdown & Cut Ups

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Corner is one of my favorite passing concepts in all of football. The combination of routes that are paired together and simultaneously attack 3 areas of grass is almost unstoppable. As with all of our #QuickGame concepts, as the players set up on the LOS, they are all engaged as any other them could get the ball depending on the defense.

While the success rate of the #Corner route varies by level, the #Snag (or #Spot) route is such a great representation of how we want our WRs to feel open grass in the various zones/holes. It is worth taking the time to perfect this route verse every type of look they see so they can be in position and ready to receive the throw from the QB, make a tight turn and get upfield.

Our Corner concept was utilized by youth, middle school (#10u, #12U, #14U), as well as our #HighSchool teams.




  • Ace/Open (2x2), Late/Early (3x1), Blue/Green (2 Back), Black/Brown, (2 Back Heavy), Star/Lazer (Empty)

My Universal Corner Concept Rules

  • Pre-snap:

  • Backside uncovered WRs (7+ yards)

  • Have a clue about defense in order to react to conflict defender (play side CB) with anticipation

  • Post-snap:

  • If backside WRs are uncovered turn and throw (zero step/no laces)

  • If backside is dead, move on to play side. We teach the QBs to consider that side of the field dead and to not look back there. We find young QBs have a hard time staying disciplined with their eyes so using clear rules is necessary. As the QBs get older, they can handle more of the field.

  • On the snap of the ball, the QB eyes go to the play side CB. With the guesstimate of the defensive coverage, QB should be able to make his read efficiently.

  • #SnagRules: WR running the #Snag identifies the overhang defender and starts his route by aiming for the back heels of that defender. As the overhang drops we want the receiver to continue on the path to his back heels. We do this for two reasons:

  • We want this receiver at 7-8 yards of depth when they settle in grass.

  • We want the receiver to get behind that overhang when possible so that defender can not see the receiver and make a play.


  • Corner

  • Snag

  • Shoot

Note: The progression used to be Corner -> Combo (Snag/Shoot) but the Snag seems to be open the vast majority of the time so I have made a personal decision to teach it with the Snag as a true second read.


Open (2x2) Y Corner


Ace (2x2) Y Corner


Open Attached (2x2) H Corner


Early/Late (3x1) Y Corner, Corner Shots


Early/Late (3x1) Y Corner, Snags in Grass


Early/Late Attached (3x1) Y Corner


Green (2 Back) Y Corner


Y Corner, RB flare


All Corner Concept Cut Ups

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