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|| I DON’T GO OUT ||

Produced by WHSTLE & Anthony Brant

Mixed by Anthony Brant

Mastered by Dave Kutch

Directed by Nate Doane

Lighting Director: Ryan Johnson

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"... On the cusp of total mainstream, but with an edge that might terrify normal folks." 
-Mitchell Hillman [JAVA Magazine]

"Something cool is about to happen to you . . . It's just there."
-John Holmberg [98KUPD]

"I'm so glad I finally jumped on that whstle train."
-Mo Rodriguez [93.3 Alt AZ]

"The electronic-based trio mingle scatter-brained shockwave rock with cloying trip-hop."
-Jason Scott [B-Sides And Badlands]

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Welcome to the world of our adorable pit bull pupper, Peaches.

Together we can end the stigma of pit bulls being violent dogs, and provide behavioral guidance, love and snacks. We would like to thank Corey at Dogs Eye View Training, Maricopa County Animal Shelter, One Love Pitbull Rescue, KWSS, RaySquared Productions and many others who assisted us in this video. Now go look at cute dogs.


Adoption Centers in Arizona