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Thanks again for joining in the fun! I want to make it clear that I am no offensive guru, nor do I claim to be. I simply fell in love with the Air Raid while researching how I was going to spread the ball around, utilize all of the weapons on the team and most of all, make sure more kids are having fun by scoring touchdowns!

I found YouTube videos and article from the below coaches and without them, our team would look a lot different. Please connect with each of them and consume as much of their content as possible!



The men show above have educated thousands in the Air Raid over the past decade. Each have put in the time and effort to be considered Air Raid Wardens.

That being said, it is a unquie opponrtuniy to learn something from the originator. We are lucky enough that the Air Raid God Father not only is still coaching, but he has created a way for us to get an Official Certification. To learn directly from the man himself is one of the best experience  an Air Raid coach could imagine. 

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